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Nadia Fitzsimons is an image, colour and brand strategy consultant. Nadia created the brand’s household name and strategy message story to provide services to the world. Through this, Nadia has shown businesses and politicians how to transform their message and turn their life story and experience into a brand that will make a lasting impression on the consumer and impact the world and make a lucrative business.

Nadia combines image consulting and storytelling as a unique approach to personal development and life story messaging. She does this by packaging her business/marketing strategies and personal development skill set with her talent for mindset mentoring.

Not only is Nadia among the highest paid consultants in the brand image consulting industry or business consultations and one to one personal consultations, she is also the author of Dancing in Your Colours, her new book coming out soon.

Nadia offers gifted workshops and retreats. She is a mentor in mindsets and a master of high ticket sales from one to one consultations. Her workshops and retreat events make her ABUNDANTLY ABLE to share her message to clients in different communities when she travels to countries around the world. Nadia teaches her clients on how they can experience personal development and transformation in their personal lives and businesses.

Fortunately, Nadia has a talent in mindset and personal image. She understands the importance of spreading your message through life storytelling and image consulting to the world. The core value and focus is to master the game, so that we can reach the world with our transformational message.

Nadia is on a mission to combine the impacts of the brand strategy and personal development industry. Which are the two most powerful influencers on the earth to merge for the greater good.

At age 16, after relocating during the civil war and losing her speech after suffering a stroke, Nadia owned her own designer label and was determined to strive. Nadia is currently on a mission in her alliance with Mind (the mental health charity) to spread the truth about mindsets and personal developments, so that she can help people find a better path and purpose in life.

Nadia has created the movement and called it ABUNDANTLY ABLE because she believes that people all around the world are struggling to follow their message, their calling, and their gift, because they do not feel able.

Could the greatest transformation tool for sharing your message on earth be transforming your mindset?

She has devoted her life to transforming, storytelling and helping others build their brand, whilst simultaneously sharing their true life message with the world.

Have you got a message?


Every child matters, so you should do your best to mentor each child positively.

Nadia runs a food bank for mothers and young children in Sierra Leone.

We collect food and education materials. If you would also like to make a difference to a child’s life, contact us today!