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Personalised Colour Psychology Consulting

Personalised colour analysis is a process of finding out colours that are in harmony with the colours that are already present in your skin, hair, eyes. We identify your natural colour characteristics by means of a specific testing process using our carefully selected drapes sets to clearly measure the reactions of your skin and pigmentation.

Going shopping knowing which clothes, makeup, accessories, and colours complement you will immediately make you look fabulous and will enable you to shop with confidence. It will also save you being a target of the shop assistant, whose job it is to sell you items that you do not intend to buy and definitely do not need. My process of colour analysis is to guide you on how to create balance and harmony between your colouring and the colours you that wear. Balance and harmony are achieved by wearing colours that have characteristics similar to your colouring in hue, tones, and shades. More carotene means a yellow or honey-based skin; whereas more haemoglobin means a blue or rose tone skin.

What in a Colour Analysis Consultation?

At a Colour Couture Consultation, Nadia will show you the importance of wearing the right colours and how this can instantly radiate your appearance to make you look fresher. With our multiple services, you will discover the many beautiful colours you can wear that will make you look fabulous at all times.

What to expect from your colour analysis?

Nadia will give you advice on your best ‘neutrals’ for your wardrobe staples and how you can combine them with stronger tones from your individual colour palette to achieve a stylish and unique look that is better suited to you. At the end of your consultation will leave you with an unforgettable experience!

By demonstrating and testing the selected colours placed under your chin and across your shoulder, we will observe how your skin reacts to hues (warmth and coolness), values (lightness to darkness range), as well as chroma (amount of shade tones and tint). You will see how a slight variance in 3 characteristics can and will make a big difference.

The effects of each colour on your face will determine which colour season is most compatible with your skin undertone; we also take into account how the colours of your eyes and hair will react to the drapes.

A personality questionnaire to confirm your personality type. With this service, Nadia will discuss how you can use the colour wallet to choose clothes, accessories and makeup.

Fees:  Starting from £145

Duration: Approximately 2.5 hours.

Discounted offer: Bring a friend along with you and pay a discounted fee for a 3 – 4 hours consultation.

*If travel exceeds 25 miles additional charges may apply*

Email: help@mycolourcouture.com or Nadia@colourcouture.com

Telephone: 07494330698

BENEFITS: Save money, save time on shopping, job promotion, increase in salary, new relationship long term investment!!!

What you will get with your consultation: You will receive your very own personalised wallet containing fabric swatches in your best colours which you can take with anytime you go shopping. You will also receive a free make-up recommendation, prescription, follow up and support via email.


Personalise Colour Psychology Consultation

A personalised colour consultation is a combination of your style and colour consultation in a tailored service which will give you a start to finish makeover that will help you discover your very own personal style that will make you look and feel fabulous at all times.

This is a recommended service for any professional woman who takes pride in their image. This service will give you a full personalised image transformation and provide you with our own personalised style advice to help you feel confident and ready to face the world. You are welcome to bring a friend or family if you wish. I will tailor your consultation to your personal need(s), no matter what your lifestyle or the occasion is, be it: corporate, a businesswoman, casual, and/or special occasions. This consultation will save you.

Your Image consultation

What you will receive:


Fee: Contact us! (saving you time and lots of money on all your shopping needs!)

Duration: Approximately 4 hours

* Additional charges may apply if the travel distance exceeds 25 miles *

Benefits of this service: You will receive a wallet of 42 colour swatches to take home, colour analysis handouts, a style booklet and a makeup information that will be specifically tailored to you. Follow-up calls and email support

BENEFITS: Save money, save time on shopping, receive job promotions (which means an increase in salary), feel confident, and gain a long-term investment!!!

What you will get with your consultation: You will receive your very own personalised wallet containing fabric swatches in your best colours which you can take with anytime you go shopping. You will also receive your very own personalised style handout, report and a free make up recommendation prescription.

Colour Couture also provide a post-consultation follow up and support via email after your consultation.


Email: help@mycolourcouture.com


Telephone: 07494330698